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About SG Spority

A Virtual Challenge For Anyone.

SG Spority is all about making sports beautiful by combining the pleasure of sports with the joy of giving. Between 17 July to 31 August, you can cycle, run or skate anywhere at your own pace to reach the target distance of 5.5km. It doesn’t matter how long you take, as long as you get moving!

SG Spority 2020 is proud to be supporting Club Rainbow Singapore, a non-profit organisation that focuses on supporting kids with major chronic illnesses. For every registration, SG Spority will pledge $5 to support the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow Singapore.


How To Participate


Register for a fee of $7.50 and complete your5.5km of Cycle, Run or Skate(or a combination of any!) between 17 July to 31 August.


Record your activity using any suitable fitness apps that candisplay the date, time and distanceof the activity and take a photo of the completion details.

Can’t finish it in one go?You can accumulate the distance in up to 3 sessions!

Note: Submission can only be performed once.


Upload a photo of yourself and the proof of activity to be eligible for ane-certificate customised with your own photo!

Giving Back

SG Spority is pledging $5 from every registration to support the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow Singapore with their daily necessities. For every ten participants that sign up with SG Spority, one beneficiary will be supported.

Club Rainbow Singapore is a non-profit organisation that provides a range of compassionate relevant services for the families of children who suffer from major chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses.

Your participation will go a long way towards supporting these kids. When we reach the event target, up to 550 beneficiaries will benefit from your actions. Show your support by going the distance with SG Spority!

Wall Of Encouragement

Helping makes more lives happier. Thank you Angels.

Rohin – Beneficiary of Club Rainbow Singapore

Small actions lead to big change. Never stop & never give up

Evan Dumas – Participant of SG Spority

Thank you for being my hero and helping me grow.

Lee Jin – Beneficiary of Club Rainbow Singapore

Always face every morning with a smile & a heart full of hope!

Hezeline Joy Robleza – Participant of SG Spority

Thank you for your support and kindness.

Rachel Tai – Beneficiary of Club Rainbow Singapore

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem.

Shakktis Vetriveal – Participant of SG Spority

Thank you for your support and participation, I will cherish it in my heart.

Syasya Dalili Bte Suhaimi – Beneficiary of Club Rainbow Singapore

Just keep going and you’ll find your way!

Aw Shi Yun – Participant of SG Spority


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